"Dancing Chakra"

vol.1 Muladhara

"Bharat Inspirations"


CD - "Searching by Ear"

    music CD

    "Searching by Ear"

    1. Smudge on the heart
    2. Happy soul
    3. Leaving the past
    4. Putting past to sleep
    5. Meditation in two
    6. Soul in the womb
    7. Soul of the winter
    8. Waltzing with myself
    9. Ashavari
    10. You gave me love


    "Our Lives"

other compositions

  1. Soul of the Winter (full version)
  2. Soul in the Womb
  3. Holly Walk (sample vocal)


  1. Moroccan Zen (sample vocal)
  2. Run in the forest (film track)



    musicians needed to form a band

    I am currently looking for a bass player (preferably upright bass), guitarist, percussionist, keyboard player. All should be able to sing back voices if not lead voices. Please call me at 604 992 2702 or email me. I would love to talk to you.

past events

fusion festival surrey bc june 17th 2010
Vidya performed during Fusion Festival, Sunday at 12:45 pm June 18th 2010

vidya plays at fusion festival 2010
See short video


    Note on music

    Looking back to the beginning of human civilization, we can see that music has always served a spiritual function. From Gregorian chants and biblical psalms, to the mantras and kirtans of ancient India; from the ceremonial music of the first nations people in North America to the music of the ancient Mayan, Egyptian and Hellenic cultures ? in all corners of the world, music existed as a means to connect with something higher, with the sacred; and music also existed as a means to touch others with the fragrance of the divine.

    The vast majority of Western classical composers, up to and including the time of Beethoven, had dedicated their music to God. Bach did not compose his great works for kings and persons of material power, but for the church as a service to God. We see the same effort in ancient Hinduism or Buddhism where overall concept of existence evolves around the absolute sound, original seed of all manifestations - Om. Perhaps Indian classical music is the only one at present that closely adheres to this idea.

    Latest tracks by Vid108

    Thus accepting sound as origin beyond the universe, leads us to the point of accepting music as spiritual. Since it comes from the upper levels it must embrace some of the higher more sublime, subtle and pure values.

    Naturally purity, peace and devotion will manifest with this kind of understanding.

    What we hear after the renaissance area in modern classical music, even so much appreciated some of the formless compositions of John Cage, could be read as merely descriptions of mental feelings of a mortal man, his tragedies and happiness. However stepping higher with the attempt to access music as coming from that original plane of non-competitive existence or even embedding it with some doses of devotion and appreciation, will generate mellows favorable for deeper contemplation of human life, values and its origin. Sounds filled with pathos, invoking filling of sadness, pity, fear, anxiety or confusion are not a friends of a heart, which is the 'barometer' of beauty. Similarly intellectualism will be judged by the intellect.

    In my humble opinion music must be sprinkled with sweetness of harmony, grace, innocence, beauty, charm and good will. It should touch with its fragrance the subtle layers of the heart. Not the mind, bones, muscles, bowels or nerve system, but the heart.

    My latest exploration is with healing music based on East Indian raagas and how they affect the human body through chakras. My latest album is basically exploratin of each chakra starting for Muladhara. Each album will be dedicated to one chakra.

    Please send me your thoughts on this if you feel inspired.


about the artist

    Vidya Sundar (Wojciech Matyas aka Walter) born in communistic Poland is a self thought guitarist and composer, former student of architecture , graphic designer, song writer and inventor. As a teenager he started composing melodies to famous Polish poems and later inspired by Mike Oldfield's "Tabular Bells" decided to record his own compositions. He played in bands (jazz, funk, reggae, underground) as a bassist and a lead guitarist. At the age of 25 Vidya travelled half the globe and lived as a monk in India for 7 years. He currently lives in Western Canada.

    He has revived his life purpose as a musician by bringing from India his instrument he called veenar that he designed and developed with the help of a local luthier in Kolkata. This instrument has been rebuilt in Canada in 2012 by Michael Dunn ( The music that veenar inspired was a land mark in Vidya's long awaited musical career. Many of his songs has been first composed and drafted on this uniques instrument.

    Vidya's instrumental music is subtle and apparently soft but its origin is dramatic. It is mostly suited for film. Someone called it "innocent magic". Other person called it "Amazing" and "so so so so beautiful" and yet other: "This so captivating, breath-takingly beautiful, exotic, liberating and filled with such emotion; masterfully executed."

    Vidya Sundar sings and writes socially conscious songs. His new album "Our Lives" is being produced by Ian Lopez-Ganoza ( is all about voicing out the search for the inner beauty in today's conflicting world. He is talented multi-instrumentalist, composer, singer and aspiring arranger.

    Vidya sais: "My music has been inspired by the story of my life. It is a search. If you are happy listening it, I will be happy too."