"By nature I am romantic person and I feel in our music, when you play your guitar, something special - spiritually, sadness, cosmic manifestation, etc." [Maha Vidya das]

    "Sounds good and well inspired!" [Desthien]

    "This so captivating, breathtakingly beautiful, exotic, liberating and filled with such emotion; masterfully executed." [Calista]

    "Outstanding. Kindest regards." [sixsecrets]

    "I have a soft spot India influenced music, though I never understand the nuances. This satisfies and piques my interest even more. Great Stuff." [GuDjin]

    "All the tastes of India in this beautiful melody.
    Love it !" [muriambeck]

    "Very pretty work ... liquid movements ..." [Kouroch2]

    "Perfect" [flapjacksyrup]

    "Very nice Vidya smooth feeling this tune gives." [Dwyndal]

    "This is a nice song that really seems to have fallen through the cracks." [teacher]

    "Beautiful - some skill!" [hypernation]

    "A lovely, peaceful, centering piece. Music by which to meditate." [MaskMan]

    "great instrumental tracks, and big fan of any musician who creates a hybrid instrument - keep the good tunes coming!" [aholmes360 ]

    "i really sink into your music........." [Wong Sau Yan]

    "Very unique sound, and beautiful music." [Wandering Poet]

    "Vid - loving Happy Soul and Call of the Soul....so so so so beautiful. Can't wait to hear more.." [babybee]

    "What a beautiful sound !!!" [epanou]

    "Hya Vidya. Keep listening to your music.... its amazing. I like string instruments that are not very common in western music,
    i think you did an awesome job mixing those twon cultures....Regards, [Soundcircel]

Who listens?

    Music explorers, guitar funs, instrumentalists, yoga practitioners, poets, unconventional people, my uncle, friends, myself.

Who does not listen?

    Pop artists, metalica funs